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Yes, blog posts can always be used because they are either a primary or secondary source, and credibility concerns are secondary to the type of source. Yes, even if this information is biased, blog posts can be used as primary sources if balanced by facts, reasoned judgments, and analysis by more credible sources.
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Secondary sources: Describe, discuss, interpret, analyze, evaluate, and summarize primary sources. Comment on and discuss evidence that was previously published. Books/textbooks, encyclopedias, magazine articles, or journal articles that evaluates someone else's original research. See an example in the video below
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The workers’ answers–considered primary data–will provide the researchers with specific information about the return-to-work process; e.g. they may learn about the frequency of work accommodation offers, and the reasons some workers refused such offers. Secondary data. There are several types of secondary data.
The Tech Terms Computer Dictionary contains over 1200 technical terms with easy-to-understand definitions. Primary data and Secondary data sets: If the data are from a planned experiment relevant to the objective(s) of the statistical investigation, collected by the analyst, it is called a Primary Data set. However, if some condensed records are given to the analyst, it is called a Secondary Data set.
See full list on About the Primary Sources. The Holocaust provides a wealth of primary sources to examine how genocide unfolded in Eastern Europe. The Nazis spent years reshaping their government and constructing a society around the idea of racial purity. By examining primary source material, it is easy to see this progression.
Lesson: Comparing Primary and Secondary Sources Length: 30 minutes Grade Level: 5th grade Academic Standard: Social Studies – History 5.1.20 Chronological Thinking, Historical Comprehension, Analysis and Interpretation, Research: Read and interpret primary and secondary sources accounts that pertain to a problem confronting people during the
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